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Part Number MD51296

Medisana Upper Arm Portable Bluetooth Connect Blood Pressure LCD Monitor BU575

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The BU575 Connect by MEDISANA combines a powerful upper arm blood pressure monitor with a convenient travel alarm clock. When the blood pressure mode is selected, you can also use the arrhythmia indicator, the average value calculation and the classification of the measured values according to the WHO. It can be used by 2 users and there are 180 memory locations for each of them. The device is equipped with innovative inflating measurement technology that also delivers faster measurement results than conventional blood pressure monitors. The integrated travel alarm clock also offers the possibility to set a reminder for the next blood pressure measurement.

The upper arm blood pressure monitor BU575 Connect is equipped with all the essential features of a blood pressure monitor. It provides fully automatic, accurate blood pressure measurement on the upper arm and displays systole, diastole and pulse values, date and time on a generous, blue backlit display. If the device is not in use, the backlight turns off automatically to save energy.

Blood pressure is the pressure created in the blood vessels by each heart beat. When the heart contracts (= systole) and pumps blood into the arteries, it brings about a rise in pressure. The highest value is known as the systolic pressure and is he first value to be measured. When the cardiac muscle relaxes to take in fresh blood, the pressure in the arteries also falls. Once the arteries are relaxed, a second reading is taken ? the diastolic pressure.
VitaDock is being revealed as a useful concept by Medisana, which allows you to save and analyze relevant data, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, weight and activity, and to use this data on other devices. The concept includes the combination of the VitaDock measuring devices by Medisana, the VitaDock Classic/VitaDock+ App and VitaDock Online. Together, these individual components offer a useful system of data collection, storage and forwarding - so that important vital data will no longer get lost and will always be ready on hand.

This product works with the VitaDock+ App

VitaDock + app (free) for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:
For iOS and Android tablets and smartphones with Bluetooth Smart.
Bluetooth Smart is only available on devices with OS version from iOS7 (Apple) or from Android 4.3.

'Connect' magazine, Europe´s largest journal for tele-communication, has awarded the VitaDock+ App in the category of 'Health and Fitness' with the App Award 2014.
Since June 2014 readers have been able to vote for the best apps. Out of their favourite apps, picked from 12 categories and 120 apps by 21930 people in total, a group of experts chose the best ones.
Most crucial aspects during the valuation process of the nominated apps by the jury have been user benefit, usability, design as well as data privacy.

Extended functions with the free VitaDock+ app for iOS and Android:
• Graphical representation of values over time
• Synchronisation of the measurement results with VitaDock Online possible
• Easy data exchange via e-mail

Data transfer to VitaDock Online:
• Enhanced security, encrypted data transmission
• Synchronise (e.g. between iOS and Android devices)
• Data backup through online storage



?Accurate blood pressure measurement on the upper arm
?Display items: systolic, diastolic, pulse, date, time
?LCD display with luminous blue background light
?Arrhythmia indicator
?Measurements are classified according to the WHO evaluation systemusing a traffic -light colour scale
?180 memory slots for each of 2 users
?Certified medical device



  • ?Measurement method: oscillometric
    ?Measuring range blood pressure: 0-300mmHg
    ?Measuring range pulse: 40 ? 199 beats per minute

    ? Color: White
    Clinically validated according to standards for medical devices.
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Size: 6 x 11 x 3 cm
  • Alternative names: Medisana BU575, M51296


Whats in the Package?

Medisana Upper Arm Portable Bluetooth Connect Blood Pressure LCD Monitor BU575

1x Cuff for 22 ? 42 cm upper arm circumferences

1x USB Charging cable

User instruction manual

Storage pouch

One free check of the device within 3 years

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