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Garmin Nuvi 58LMT|5" Car GPS SatNav|Free LifeTime UK Europe Maps+Traffic Updates

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Trusted travel partner at an affordable price

  • Easy-to-use, special GPS navigation devices with a 5 "display in two locations
  • Factory pre-loaded Europe maps with free, up-to-date updates and a roadside traffic avoidance subscription²
  • Free Garmin (Premium) Traffic service via RDS-TMC
  • Garmin Real Directions ™ functions as a trusted pilot, using landmarks and reference to traffic lights on the road.
  • Find new and popular restaurants, shops and more with Foursquare®
  • Direct Access makes it easy to navigate complex travel destinations such as shopping centers and airports

> Special, easy to use GPS navigation tips

The nüvi 58LMT has an elegant, bright 5-inch display that operates in two positions that can be set horizontally or vertically. The suction cup attached to the kit ensures that the unit stays in place.

Detailed maps with free updates

The nüvi 58LMT has preloaded detailed maps of Europe. With free and indefinite map updates your routes will certainly include the most up-to-date maps, POIs, and navigation data. New maps can be downloaded free of charge throughout the life of your GPS device.

Free, unscheduled, roadside traffic avoidance service

The nüvi 58LMT is equipped with the Garmin Traffic traffic service, which helps you spend more time on the go. In Garmin Traffic, the travel map is always displayed on the screen. Roadside alerts are displayed next to the map, and messages are also spoken. The Garmin Traffic message service can also provide detailed information about a given situation, such as the estimated delay time and information about possible detours. Maybe even confirm that you are going the fastest route. An out-of-the-way traffic alerts² entitles you to receive nüvi 58LMT traffic information throughout the device's lifetime without advertising or subscription fees. In addition, Garmin traffic announcements are sent directly to the nüvi - without a smartphone.

Novelty! Garmin Real Directions ™ technology

The nüvi 58LMT delivers a new dimension of "detailed voice guidance" with Garmin Real Directions, an easy-to-understand walk-through guide that uses familiar landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. Ending with stress when trying to read street names. Instead, listen to clearly pronounced instructions, such as "Turn left behind the gas station".

Novelty! Millions of new special points from Foursquare

Nüvi 58LMT easier to find addresses and millions of points of interest, such as businesses, shops, restaurants and other places. Our special points database also provides accurate and useful information from Foursquare. Thanks to the search results at the top of the list appear to be the best hits from the database Foursquare. It's a great way to discover new and popular restaurants, shopping and more.

Novelty! You know exactly where to go

Direct Access makes it easy to navigate to selected complex travel destinations, such as airports and shopping centers, by allowing you to search for locations within a larger complex. Direct Access even allows you to navigate through the car parks to find the nearest to your destination. While shopping, Direct Access provides additional information about specific retail stores located in the mall. For example: "Arriving at the Woodfield Mall. The florist is located inside the mall, on the upper floor. "

Easy navigation through intricate intersections

The nüvi 58LMT features a lane assistant with intersection view that displays a view of approaching intersections and indicates the correct lane with bright colored arrows.

Easier and faster search

The nüvi 58LMT has a search box that allows you to search for addresses and millions of points of interest in one place. Simply enter the category (eg "pizza"), the entire address or name ("Starbucks"), and the nüvi 58LMT will quickly display your search results.

More information at a glance

No longer need to look for difficult to read or non-existent arrays - just look at the nüvi 58LMT to read the name of the current street. The nüvi also displays speed limits, current speed and arrival time.

The "Before you" feature makes it easy to find different places without leaving the map screen. When driving the selected route, the "Before you" feature constantly informs you about nearby services, such as food outlets, gas stations and ATMs. Most importantly, the "Before you" feature can be customized to always display your favorite places on the route.

Monitor the latest speed camera data

The nüvi 58LMT is equipped with a unique Cyclops monitoring camera , which allows you to receive real-time, accurate alerts for your selected route. The complete monitoring camera database is already preloaded on the navigation device. However, there is the possibility of using one-off or regular updates to ensure that your location data is always up to date, which in turn allows you to enjoy safe and compliant driving.

Warnings about zones around schools

The nüvi 58LMT always beeps and displays a warning on the screen when approaching the school area. The displayed speed limit changes according to the constraints around the schools.

Add a wireless back camera

For complete navigation solutions, the nüvi 58LMT can be paired with the BC ™ 30 wireless back camera (sold separately, we advise you to install a qualified specialist). Once connected, you can easily see vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles on the nüvi display when reversing.

Comprehensive device management

The Garmin Express application is used to update the nüvi. Garmin Express makes it easy to update maps and software, move favorites from one device to another, and install free custom voices and vehicles.

Maps Coverage

Coverage Image

Includes full coverage for Romania, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Bartholomew and French Guiana, and more detailed coverage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also includes Western Europe and many countries in Eastern Europe, including:

Great Britain and Republic of Ireland

  • Great Britain: full coverage
  • Scotland: full coverage
  • Wales: full coverage
  • Isle of Man: full coverage
  • Northern Ireland: full coverage
  • Ireland: full coverage
  • Channel Islands: full coverage

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

  • Denmark: full coverage
  • Finland: full coverage
  • Iceland: complete coverage
  • Norway: full coverage
  • Sweden: full coverage

France and Benelux

  • Andorra: full coverage
  • Belgium: full coverage
  • France: full coverage
  • French Guiana: full coverage
  • Guadeloupe: complete coverage
  • Martinique: full coverage
  • Netherlands: full coverage
  • Luxembourg: full coverage
  • Meeting: full coverage
  • Saint Barthélemy: complete coverage

Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

  • Italy: full coverage
  • Austria: full coverage
  • Switzerland: full coverage
  • Liechtenstein: full coverage


  • Malta: full coverage

Portugal and Spain

  • Spain: full coverage
  • Portugal: full coverage
  • Gibraltar: full coverage
  • Azores Islands: complete coverage
  • Canary Islands: complete coverage
  • Balearic Islands: complete coverage
  • Madeira: complete coverage


  • Germany: full coverage

Czech Republic

  • Czech Republic: full coverage


  • Greece: full coverage
  • Cyprus: total coverage of the Republic of Cyprus; major urban areas with intercity roads in disputed areas

East Europe

  • Estonia: full coverage
  • Latvia: full coverage
  • Lithuania: full coverage
  • Poland: full coverage
  • Slovakia: full coverage
  • Hungary: full coverage
  • Slovenia: full coverage
  • Croatia: complete coverage
  • Bulgaria: full coverage
  • Romania: full coverage
  • Turkey: full coverage
  • Moldova: main roads only
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: coverage of most urban areas
  • Serbia and Kosovo: full coverage
  • Montenegro: coverage of most urban areas
  • Albania: main roads only
  • Republic of Macedonia (FYROM): full coverage
  • Belarus: main roads only
  • Ukraine: coverage of most urban areas

The map viewer may display a different version of the incoming product.

Coverage Image

Try before you buy

Use the interactive map to view the detailed roads and points of interest that this acquisition includes.

About coverage

Includes detailed maps for Great Britain and Republic of Ireland, specifically:

  • Great Britain: full coverage
  • Scotland: full coverage
  • Wales: full coverage
  • Isle of Man: full coverage
  • Northern Ireland: full coverage
  • Ireland: full coverage
  • Channel Islands: full coverage

Note: The interactive map may contain additional coverage not included in the purchased region.



Mapsand memory

Pre-loadedstreet maps
Includeslifetime map updates
DataCard Support MicroSD™ card (available separately)


Compliancewith radio traffic announcements
Lifetimeupdates on traffic congestion information (receive free lifetimetraffic updates)
Intersectionview (displays intersection marks)
Speed??Limiter (Displays Speed ??Limits for most major US and European roads)




Physicaldimensions 13.9x8.6 x 2.0 cm (5.5 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches) (W x H x D)
Mass 6.4oz(180.1 g)
Battery Lithium-ionbattery
DisplayType WQVGAcolorTFT color display with white backlight
Displaydimensions,W x H 11.1x6.3 cm (4.4 x 2.5 in.) (W x H), diagonal 5.0 inches (12.7 cm)
Displayresolution,W x H 480x272pixels
Batteryoperatingtime Upto2 hours.



Planningatrip: yes


ThisUSBstorage device is compatible with Windows® XP and laterandMac® OS X 10.4 and later.

Garmin Nuvi 58LMT Accessories

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BC™30 Wireless Backup Camera   

USBPower Adapter 

UniversalCarrying Case 

VehiclePower Cable 

SuctionCup Mount 


AirVent Mount


Whats in the Package?

Garmin Nuvi 58LMT|5" Car GPS SatNav|Free LifeTime UK Europe Maps+Traffic Updates

Factory-preloaded City Navigator® NT maps for Europe

An indefinite subscription to a map and traffic message² (informing it of the "LMT" mark on the box after the model number)

Traffic message antenna / power cord from cigarette lighter socket

Car holder with suction cup

USB cableQuick user guide

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