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Part Number 0650524

Touratech High Quality Lockable Motorbike Handlebar Mount V2|Garmin Zumo 660/665

Only £177.99
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  • Stabilises and secures the ZUMO 660 while riding, even over nasty potholes or heavy terrain
  • Touratech's tried-and-tested vibration damping protects the ZUMO 660
  • Holds and fixes the ZUMO 660 in place while protecting the power supply strip
  • Prevents the original Garmin closure being opened accidentally or without your permission
  • It's easy to insert the ZUMO 660 into the mount and remove it again
  • Utilises Touratech's cushioned opening mechanism
  • Can be fitted directly onto 12 mm centre strut or onto the swivel head adapter supplied with the Zumo
  • The handlebar mount can be used on most motorbikes with our mounting adapters
  • All functions on your ZUMO 660 remain easily accessible in all situations
  • Laser-cut, anodised aluminium parts, manufactured using CNC technology, provide stability and precision
  • This Touratech handlebar mount has been designed and developed specially for the ZUMO 660
  • ZUMO 660 handlebar mount V2.0 is lockable
Note: Comes Only Touratech Lockable Mount. Garmin Mount is not included. its only for ref. perpouse.

The ZUMO 660 & 665 locking mount V2.0 from Touratech is an easy way to secure a ZUMO GPS unit to your motorcycle. The device clamps the GPS unit with a mechanical closure and secures it with a key lock.

Simply push the tab on the bottom of the mount and the spring activated closure opens up releasing the GPS device. Installing or retrieving the unit from this mount is a quick and easy.

The ZUMO GPS device and the Garmin plastic cradle shown in the photos are original Garmin parts, and are not supplied with the Touratech mount. They do come with the GPS unit however.

Black anodised finish. 

Buy with Confidence from a TOURATECH Authorised Dealer and All Purchases come with a VAT Receipt.