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Hauppauge 1565|Wireless HD Wi-Fi Security Camera|Night Vision|See on Smartphone

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Hauppauge mySmarthome Camera IP security camera Interior White Pad - Surveillance camera
(IP security camera, Interior, Pad, White, 1280 x 720 Pixels, H.264, M-JPEG)

MySmarthome cameras: 
See your home from anywhere in the world! 
The mySmarthome camera is ideal for your security system. Use your smartphone to monitor your home from anywhere in the world! The mySmarthome camera has night vision to make recordings even in the dark. Also the mySmarthome camera can be integrated into the home automation system * mySmarthome with the Rules and Scenes. Monitor your home with live video and audio. Create smart rules with the mySmarthome home automation system (optional). 

The mySmarthome camera can be connected wirelessly (or wired)
The mySmarthome camera uses a wired connection for installation, but can then be moved anywhere within the Wi-Fi range in your home. Once your mySmarthome camera is set up, you can use your smartphone anywhere in the world to watch live video from the mySmarthome camera. You can also take still images or motion videos and store them on your smartphone. 

The mySmarthome camera also has a built-in motion detector, which can start recordings of both still images and videos when a movement is detected. 

Features of the mySmarthome camera
- Monitor audio and video live from your home on your iPhone, iPad or Android device;
- Use the mySmarthome camera with the optional mySmarthome hub to receive alerts on your iPhone or Android device; 
- Incorporates motion detection triggering recordings and still images to an integrated slot for SD card (SD memory not included); 
- Infrared for night vision up to 6 meters; 
- Works with Wi-Fi or cable; 
- Wide-angle lenses, with a resolution of 720p HD and integrated microphone; 
- mySmarthome camera mySmarthome camera. 

Use the mySmarthome camera with the mySmarthome hub
The mySmarthome camera is compatible with the mySmarthome Hub, so you can automate the security monitoring of your home. Create a rule to send an image or video from the mySmarthome camera when the front door of your house opens. The mySmarthome Hub allows you to control movement, measure temperature or light, and allows you to turn your electronic devices on and off in your home. Create a mySmarthome rule to send a picture of your pets if it detects that the temperature rises too much, and you can turn on a fan at the same time. 

Receive alerts on your smartphone with our free cloud system
The mySmarthome Hub continuously monitors mySmarthome devices in your home and uses a free cloud service to send alerts. However, the monitoring of your home is always done at home by the mySmarthome Hub. This gives you the best of both worlds: the reliability of a home hub for monitoring, plus a cloud system that sends you alerts. 

Infrared night vision: see the interior of your house, even when the lights are off
The mySmarthome camera has infrared LED lights so it can see in the dark. See the interior of your house when the lights are off, but since the infrared is invisible to human beings, anyone inside your house does not know you are seeing it. When unexpected guests (or uninvited guests) enter your home, the mySmarthome camera can take photos or videos and, at the same time, send an alert to your smartphone. Photos and videos are saved to the built-in SD memory card (not included with the mySmarthome camera) so you can review the images at any time. 

Built-in memory slot to store still images and videos on your mySmarthome camera
The mySmarthome camera has an integrated SD memory slot that can contain both photos and videos recorded by the mySmarthome camera. Use the built-in motion detector of the camera to activate the recordings in the SD card slot. The SD slot can contain up to 256 Gbytes and up to 500,000 photos or 250 hours of video from the mySmarthome camera. You can also use your smartphone to watch videos stored on the mySmarthome SD card, or you can remove the card and review the images from your PC or your Mac. 

The mySmarthome camera is compatible with ONVIF
ONVIF cameras are compatible with dozens of applications, ranging from professional security to home-made NAS recording applications. Use the mySmarthome camera with Synology NAS based ONVIF (see our installation video on the videos tab on this page). 

Other features:

AC adapter included: Yes 
aperture : 2 Supported placement: Interior 
Color of product: White 
Power consumption: 2000 mA 
Built-in hard disk: No 
Night vision 
distance : 6 Fixed focal length: 3.6 mm 
Power over Ethernet ( PoE): No 
Network Standards:IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n 
Ethernet: Yes 
Form factor: Pad 
Video compression formats: H.264, M-JPEG 
Supported graphics formats: 1280 x 720 (HD 720) 
Quick setup guide: Yes 
Megapixels : 1.3 MP 
Day / night mode: Yes 
Maximum resolution: 1280 x 720 Pixels 
Motion sensor: Yes 
Supported mobile operating systems: Android, iOS 
Integrated reading card: Yes 
Compatible memory cards: SD 
Connectivity technology: Wireless and wired 
Kind:IP security camera 
LED type: IR 
Night vision: Yes 
Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n 
Wifi: Yes

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