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Part Number: 230-0100175300

Garmin Panoptix PS51-TH Forward Thru-Hull Transdcuer | FrontVu Sonar | 417 kHz | 96 W

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Garmin Panoptix PS51-TH Forward Thru-Hull Transdcuer

PART NUMBER: 010-01753-00

Premium FrontVü Forward-looking Sonar

  • Premium FrontVü forward-looking sonar helps you avoid running aground¹
  • Narrow beam forward-looking sonar that focuses on the bottom in front of your boat
  • Displays the bottom up to 300 feet ahead of your boat in real time
  • Delivers nearly instant feedback to give you more time to react
  • Also offers LiveVü forward for fishing – see fish swimming in front of your boat, even when stationary.

The Panoptix multibeam thru-hull transducer with premium FrontVü forward-looking sonar helps you avoid running aground1 by displaying the bottom ahead of your boat in real time on your chartplotter. It also includes LiveVü Forward sonar to give you the unique ability to see fish — even divers — swimming in real time under and ahead of your boat with a 30 m (100 ft) forward range.

Panoptix FrontVü sonar displays the seabed up to 90m (300 ft) ahead of the boat (at 8 to 10 times the current depth) to give you awareness like never before. You can be more confident when navigating unfamiliar water because Panoptix FrontVü has a narrow beam, forward-looking sonar (20 degrees). This allows you to focus on the the seabed directly in front of your boat and not be confused with what is off to each side. It also includes an AHRS sensor for motion stabilisation that allows you to see what is in front of your boat even in rough water conditions. And all the FrontVü forward-looking sonar image data can be easily shared with other chartplotters across the Garmin Marine Network.

Panoptix PS51-TH features a standard 50.88 mm (2-inch) stainless steel thru-hull mount. Displays depth and temperature data, and is compatible with all Panoptix capable Garmin chartplotters. Withstands speeds up to 45 knots, with operation up to 8 knots¹.

With LiveVü Forward, your boat can be moving or stationary. You will see live images of what is happening under the water. Watch your lure as it sinks and see its depth and movement as you retrieve it. See it move in relation to structure in the water. See fish swimming and reacting to your bait. If they attack, you’ll see and feel the hit! Once on the hook, watch the fight on your screen as it happens. With Panoptix LiveVü Forward, you can see it all come to life up to 100 feet away. All other sonar is just history.



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  • Panoptix™ PS51-TH Panoptix™PS51-TH                    Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System VolvoPenta Glass Cockpit System




Frequency 417 kHz
Power 96 W
Beamwidth LiveVü & FrontVü: 20°x90°
Maximum depth 300 ft. Down; 300 ft. Forward
Depth/Speed/ Temperature Depth and Temperature
Number of pins Ethernet
Cable length Power Cable 6 ft.; Ethernet Cable 6 ft.; Ethernet Extension Cable50 ft.
Supported deadrise/Transom angles Up to 20° deadrise with 3/4" hull
  • Weight:
    • Transduceronly: 0.7 kg
    • Thru-hullmounting hardware: 0.8 kg
  • TemperatureRange:
    •  Operating:0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
    •  Non-operating:-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
  • Mountingoptions: Thru-hull
  • Powerconsumption: <1.2A @ 12V
  • Voltagerange: 10-35 Vdc
  • Frequenciessupported: 417 kHz
  • Maximumrange: 8-10x the current depth, up to 90 m (300 ft)
  • Withstandsspeeds up to 45 knots with operation at speeds up to 8 knots
  • Supportsdead rise hull angles up to 25°
  • LiveVüForward
    • Beamshape: 20° x 90°
  • FrontVü
    • Beamshape: 20° x 90°


Whats in the Package?

Garmin Panoptix PS51-TH Forward Thru-Hull Transdcuer | FrontVu Sonar | 417 kHz | 96 W

Panoptix PS51-TH forward thru-hull transducer

Mounting hardware

Fairing block

Blanking plug


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