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Part Number: 705-A80170

Raymarine-A80170|P79 In Hull Depth MFD Transducer|22░Angle|9.1m Cable|50/200 KHZ

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Raymarine Depth (P79) In hull (MFD Connect)

PART NUMBER: 705-A80170


The P79 in-hull transducer easily adjusts to hull dead rise angles up to 22║. This ensures that the beam is vertically oriented to receive echoes, resulting in accurate depth readings. Unlike traditional "puck" type transducers, the P79 consists of a base that is bonded to the hull and filled with liquid. The separate transducer then attaches to the base with a twist lock. The sound waves travel more efficiently though the liquid, giving the best possible performance.



  • Compatiblehull material: fiberglass
  • Max Power:500W RMS (depending on connected SONAR)
  • Frequency:200/50 KHZ
  • Depth only.
  • Easilyadjusts to any deadrise angle up to 22°
  • Transmitssound waves directly at the bottom so strong echoes are reflected backto the transducer
  • Can beremoved in seconds for servicing or storage
  • Only thebase piece is bonded to the hull. There is no adhesive layer under thetransducer face to absorb sound energy
  • Simplifiesin-hull installation
  • Cable:9.1m/30ft

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