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Part Number: 705-A80197

Raymarine-A80197|RAYMIC 260|10m Cable|25W|Waterproof|For VHF/Radio/AIS Receiver

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Raymarine RAYMIC260 EU c/w 10m cable

PART NUMBER: 705-A80197


VHF Radio with optional Integrated AIS Receiver

Raymarineís premium Ray260 VHF radio packs top-of-the-line communications features into a compact, modular design that works with small and large vessels alike. It includes a full-featured 25 watt VHF radio with Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC), a full-featured loudhailer/foghorn and an internal multi-station intercom.

Ray260 VHF Additional Features

Digital voicemail and message recording
Ray260ís new Digital Voicemail feature allows you to pre-record a voice message up to 15-seconds and automatically send it to another DSC-equipped vessel. You can also use it to record incoming voice messages or alerts up to 90-seconds long.

Position tracking
Ray260ís convenient position tracking feature allows you to simultaneously receive position reports from up to 5 nearby DSC equipped vessels. Their positions are automatically fed over SeaTalkng for display right on your MFDís chart display. This feature is perfect for keeping tabs of other boats in your cruising party, monitoring vessels of interest, or for local fleet management.

For European inland waterways, the Ray260 also includes standard ATIS capability.

Ray260ís built-in loudhailer will make you heard on deck and across the harbour. The hailer packs a punch with 30-watt output and 2-way talkback too so you can easily communicate with your on-deck crew in noisy conditions. The hailer also includes an automatic foghorn with built-in signals for both power and sailing vessels.

Ray260 easily integrates with other NMEA2000 (via Raymarine STng cabling system) or NMEA0183 onboard electronic systems.



  • Modular,multistation form factor
  • IPX7Waterproof
  • 25W Power
  • Max 30WHailer Output power
  • OptionalDual Channel AIS Receiver available
  • Suppliedwith 10m cable



OperatingVoltage Note:12v Supply Only
from 10.8 to 15.6 V dc (12 V dc boat battery)
FormFactor Modular,multi-station
Multi-station Yes(up to 3 stations)
Waterproof IPX7
DigitalSelective Calling ClassD
FrequencyBands AllUSA, Canadian, and International marine channels; 10 NOAA weatherchannels
HighPower 25W (23-25 W)
LowPower 1W (.7-1 W)
HailerOutput Power 30W max
HailerHorn Impedance 4Ω
AISReceiver Optional,Dual Channel

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