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Part Number: 705-E92142

Raymarine RD418HD|Super HD Digital Radome Scanner|18" 4KW|48NM Range|For Marine

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Raymarine RD418HD HD Digital Radome Scanner - 18 Inch, 4KW - exc cable

HD Color Radar for Superior Target Detection and Interpretation.

Powerful processing helps distinguish between target types, detect weak and distant contacts automatically, while virtually eliminating clutter and noise. The truly adaptive transmitter and receiver automatically adjusts to changing environmental and sea conditions. With full 256 colour resolution, HD Color radar delivers a dramatically clearer radar picture with crisp, well-defined contact echoes, superior target separation, and a life-like target presentation.

Why radar? Where are you relative to your surroundings? Is there anything nearby that could be a danger to you, or vice versa? Radar is a great aid to navigation that allows you to:

  • 'See' other vessels, buoyage and coastline in zero visibility.
  • Track targets - not everything transmits AIS...
  • Double check your relative position and speed
  • Avoid hazards and obstacles
  • Track weather
  • Locate fish using bird mode!
Each Raymarine marine radar system consists of a Raymarine multifunction display and your choice of Raymarine radome or open array antenna.

Radomes - Digital or HD Color Radomes are ideal when power is at a premium and mounting space is limited or restricted by rigging. Perfect for sailboats, RIBs and smaller powerboats, radomes provide exceptional performance even in the most challenging conditions HD Color Radomes provide additional features and improved resolution.

Open Arrays - Choose an HD Color or Super HD Color open array scanner for enhanced performance and range. These larger scanners, equipped with a more efficient antenna (increased gain) and narrow beam widths, deliver substantial improvements in range and bearing resolution giving great performance and clear target separation.

Technology and Software - Raymarine has 3 different types of radar antenna:

  • Digital - 8 colour resolution
  • HD Colour - 256 colour resolution
  • Super HD Colour - 256 colour resolution




  • 48 NM range
  • Adaptivedigital receiver automatically adjusts to changing environmental andsea conditions for a dramatically clearer picture
  • 256 colormulti-level target display with selectable color palettes
  • Bird Modeautomatically optimizes the receiver for detecting sea birds aboveschools of fish (E Series Widescreen only)
  • Dual-rangemode allow you to monitor both long and short ranges simultaneouslywith a single scanner and display
  • Dimensions:52.1 x 24.7 cm
  • Weight: 9.5kg



Model Raymarine RD418HD
SignalProcessing HD Color
CompatibleWith aSeries Multifunction Displays | c SeriesMultifunction Displays | e Series Multifunction Displays | NEW eSSeries Multifunction Displays | gS Series Multifunction Displays | CSeries Widescreen Multifunction Displays | E Series WidescreenMultifunction Displays | G Series Multifunction Navigation
Networking SeaTalkHS
PeakPower Output (kW) 4.0 kW (nominal)
AntennaType Patch Array
BeamWidth (Nominal) 4.9° horizontal, 25° vertical
Polarization Horizontal
RotationRate Range less than 3 miles – 48 RPM(radar switches to 48 RPM automatically, unless 24 RPM is selected) |Range greater than 3 miles - 24 RPM (nominal)
CEApproval Conforms to 1999/5/EC
FCCApproval Conforms to 47CFR Part 2 and Part 80
Dimensions 20.5in x 9.7in
(521 x 247 mm)
Weight 21lbs
(9.5 kg)
InputVoltage 12 - 24 V DC
PowerConsumption 60 W (25 W Standby)
TemperatureRange     14°Fto 131°F
(-10° to +55°C)
HumidityLimit up to 95% at 35°C
MaximumOperating Wind Speed 100 kts
MaximumRange Scale 48 nm
IFFrequency 70 MHz (nominal)
ReceiverCharacteristic Linear
ReceiverNoise Figure Less than 5 dB (including Low NoiseConverter/Limiter & IF Receiver)
RecieverBandwidth Matched digital filter for each pulse length
TransmittingFrequency 9405 +/– 25 MHz
Transmitter Solid-state modulator driving Magnetron
StandbyMode Magnetron heater and control left on, allother services off
Duplexer Circulator

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