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Part Number: 738-00013335001

B&G 00013335001|NAC-2 Core Pack - Precision-9 & RF300 Rudder|Autopilot & Compass

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B&G NAC-2 Core Pack

PART NUMBER: 738-00013335001


This pack includes all of the core components you need to upgrade your boat with a Simrad Continuum autopilot system just add a hydraulic pump or mechanical drive unit to suit your steering system, and choose a dedicated autopilot controller or Simrad multifunction display. Designed for rudder-steered vessels up to ten metres (35 feet) in length, this pack includes the NAC-2 autopilot computer, RF25N rudder feedback unit, Precision-9 solid-state compass, plus all necessary NMEA 2000 cables and connectors.

NAC-2 Autopilot Computer

The NAC-2 Autopilot Computer is the brains behind your B&G autopilot system.
NAC-2 contains B&Gs Reflex control algorithms, developed to helm a yacht across a broad range of weather conditions and sea-states, alongside the electronics needed to operate a hydraulic or mechanical drive unit, while also interfacing with other components including heading sensors and rudder feedback units.

Standard Output
The NAC-2 was designed for boats up to 10 metres (33 feet) in length and is suitable for low-current hydraulic drives, mechanical drives, or solenoid valves with a current rating of 8 Amps continuous (12 Amps peak).

Easy Installation
Plug-and-play connectors facilitate easy installation, minimising the wiring necessary to install your autopilot system. Industry-standard NMEA 2000 networking offers simple connectivity to heading sensors, rudder feedback units, autopilot controllers, and multifunction displays located anywhere on board.

Rudder Feedback Units
Rudder feedback units are sensors that connect to your rudder via a mechanical linkage and continuously report actual rudder position to your autopilot computer.

The NAC-2 supports NMEA 2000 connected B&G RF25 feedback units, and resistive rudder feedback sensors. Rudder feedback units can be purchased separately or the RF25 is available as part of the NAC-2 Core Pack.

Precision-9 Compass

The Precision-9 Compass supplies heading and rate-of-turn information to B&G instrument, autopilot, radar and navigation systems. Incorporating a nine-axis array of solid-state motion and orientation sensors, the Precision-9 also provides accurate roll, pitch and heave data to compatible equipment via its NMEA 2000 interface. An adjustable mounting bracket and single-cable connection allow simple and cost-effective installation aboard any vessel, including an up-mast mounting option suitable for steel hulls.

NMEA 2000 Heading & ROT Output
With NMEA 2000 output, the Precision-9 Compass provides heading, Rate Of Turn (ROT), roll and pitch information to connected equipment including autopilot, instruments, radar, multifunction displays, and other navigational systems.

Solid-State Sensor Technology
The Precision-9 Compass incorporates a solid-state sensor array based on MEMS technology. This high-precision array measures motion on nine separate axes: heading, heel, trim, roll, pitch, yaw, surge and sway. Data from all nine axes is used to calculate the most accurate heading and rate-of-turn information possible, avoiding many common limitations of conventional fluxgate electronic compasses and delivering heading accuracy of 2 degrees after calibration.

Mount Almost Anywhere
An easily adjustable mounting bracket and single-cable NMEA 2000 connectivity allow the Precision-9 Compass to be installed on any vessel, in almost any location. The compass may also be mounted directly to any flat surface without a bracket. On steel hulled vessels where magnetic interference makes bulkhead mounting unsuitable, an IPX7 waterproof rating allows external up-mast installation.

RF300 Rudder feedback

The RF300 rudder feedback unit contributes towards smooth and accurate auto-steering by determining rudder angle. It is to be used as part of an autopilot system on boats with inboard engines.



  • Corecomponents for a Simrad Continuum autopilot system – just adda drive unit and controller
  • Ideal forboats up to 10 metres (35 feet) in length
  • Includes theNAC-2 autopilot computer
  • Compatiblewith low-current drive pumps, mechanical drives, hydraulic lineardrives, and solenoid valves
  • Control withthe Simrad AP44 Autopilot Controller, IS42 display and OP12 keypad, ora networked multifunction display
  • Includes theRF25N rudder feedback unit
  • Includes thePrecision-9 solid-state compass for accurate heading datathat’s automatically fine-tuned as you travel
  • Includes allrequired NMEA 2000® network connectors and cables
  • Easy setupwith automatic tuning and compass calibration
  • Plug-and-playconnectors for easy installation



NAC-2 General

Core Pack, VRFCore Pack


180mm /7.1″


57mm /2.2″


0.6kg / 1.3lb




-25°Cto +60°C (-13°F to 140°F)


9 –31.2V DC


Micro-C, NMEA2000


12/24V DC, min10mA, max 3A


2/24V DC,common, load range 10mA to 10A, off current <1mA


Variablevoltage / resistive 0-5 V

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