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Part Number: 752 DUAL PROFIT

Mio Mivue 752 WIFI Dual|HD Recording|GPS Car Dash & Rear Camera|32GB SD Card|NEW

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Your eyewitness on the road
Disputed liability is every driver’s worst nightmare. Recording your journey ensures that when you’re in an accident that isn’t your fault, you are protected. The MiVue™ 752 WIFI Dual dash cam provides you with peace of mind: if and when you need evidence, you already have it.

2.5K QHD picture quality – for accurate footage
The MiVue 752 WIFI Dual provides high quality footage with QHD, 2560*1440p at 30 fps. The camera has 140° wide angle view and F1.8 aperture, so that every detail on the road is recorded. The high quality footage captures registrations plates*, so you can be sure vital information is recorded and stored.

WIFI connectivity – for fast, cable-free transfer
Stay connected whilst on the road. The MiVue 752 WIFI Dual allows you to transfer files to your MiVue smartphone app quickly and easily. You will always have a backup of your footage, stored securely on your phone for you to access at any point.

Simple to use – to save you time
Designed for simplicity, the MiVue 752 WIFI Dual can be easily set-up: simply insert the SD card, connect to your car’s power source and the dash cam will begin recording as soon as you start your vehicle’s engine. The device’s menu is intuitive with large icons, so you and your dash cam can be ready to go within minutes.

Safety features – for fear-free driving
The MiVue 752 WIFI Dual comes with pre-installed safety features to help keep you safe on the road. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems including Forward Collision Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System and Fatigue Alert, are integrated to help provide a seamless and safe driving experience.

The MiVue 752 WIFI Dual also comes with safety camera alerts that update for the lifetime of the device. You can also add new safety camera spots, that may not have been added to the data base as yet. Your MiVue 752 WIFI Dual ensures you’re always alert and under the limit.

GPS built-in – to record location and speed
A GPS location and your speed are logged on every recording: this way you know that vital information is stored for when you need it. The GPS module is housed inside the unit, so unlike most other dash cams on the market, there are no external devices that need to be connected. GPS also includes speed alert and speed cam locations to help keep you under the limit.

The complete package - MiVue™ A20 rear cam included
Your MiVue 752 WIFI Dual device comes with the MiVue A20 rear camera. The A20 rear cam compliments your dash cam, capturing details behind your vehicle and alleviating your blind spot.




Whats in the Package?

Mio Mivue 752 WIFI Dual|HD Recording|GPS Car Dash & Rear Camera|32GB SD Card|NEW

MiVue 752

MiVue A20 Rear Cam

MiVue? Smart Power Box

3M Sticky Mount

32GB Endurance SD Card

In-vehicle mounting bracket

Quick Start Guide

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