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Baby Art

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Baby Art My Lovely Belly | Keepsake Item | Ideal Gift for Pregnant Lady's Baby-Bump | New

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Baby Art My Lovely Belly


With Baby Art Belly Kit, mums can turn their pregnant belly into a real work of art and easily create a unique souvenir of this wonderful time. This is a great gift for expecting mothers to create a unique and attractive memento of their pregnancy.

Once your baby is born, it is sometimes difficult to imagine what it was like to be pregnant. With the Baby Art Belly Kit you can make a plaster cast of your belly in a very nice and easy way during your pregnancy. A wonderful memory!

The Baby Art Belly Kit for a beautiful plaster print of your pregnant belly. In less than 30 minutes you have an original souvenir of your pregnancy period. You can possibly paint the gypsum print (excluding painting articles). The Baby Art products are 100% safe for you and your baby's skin. Tip: You can best put the plaster in the bath so that you can easily wash it away. Use petroleum jelly to remove the plaster.

How to use?

STEP 1: Remove the rolls of gypsum strip from the packaging

STEP 2: Use the scissors to cut plaster strips of 3 different sizes
- 15 to 20 cm before the bust.
- 30 to 40 cm for the waist
- 45 to 60 cm for the abdomen
These sizes are provided for information and are dependent on your real sizes.

STEP 3: Coat all parts of the body of which you want to cast a generous coat with petroleum jelly.
The upper part of the body must be naked. You can, however, request a (fairly strong) panties
to make the casting.

STEP 4: Fill a container with water at the desired temperature.
The warmer the water, the faster the plaster becomes hard; The colder the water, the longer it takes h
that the plaster becomes hard.

STEP 5: We advise to lay a plastic sheet on the floor or to take the molding in a room where it is
of the floor is easy to clean (tiled floor or linoleum).

STEP 6: Put a plaster slip in the bowl with water for a few seconds and do not let it go
strip can not roll up.

STEP 7: Carefully drain the plaster strip and prevent it from rolling up.

STEP 8: Press the plaster strip carefully but firmly on the body and start with the upper part
from the body.

STEP 9: Smooth the strip gently with the fingers so that it stays firmly on the skin.

STEP 10: When applying the following strips, ensure that each strip is full of the previous strip
cover, so that you finally have a series of 3 or 4 layers for a firm one

STEP 11: For a smooth and uniform result we recommend after applying the series
it is easy to smooth the whole with wet hands.

STEP 12: The strips should be applied at a fast pace so that the plaster does not get too fast

STEP 13: After having applied enough layers of strips and if you are satisfied with it
result, allow the casting to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before removing it.

STEP 14: The molding is automatically released from the skin when the plaster is hard enough to be careful
to be removed.

STEP 15: If desired, you can paint the cast, but in that case it must first be 72 hours
to dry.

STEP 16: Next, the cast must be sanded with sandpaper to make it smooth.
If there are some strips protruding, you can cut them off or smooth them with sandpaper. You can do it
make casting more solid by applying a few wet strips on the inside. The pouring
can be painted with acrylic paint or a layer of varnish.

Reserved for adults.
This is not a children's toy. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY. When creating a hey
keep a close eye on the child. When composing the memory, small parts should be kept out of reach of the child.

This product is subject to a toxicological and dermalogical test and an evaluation of the safety agreement (EC) 1223/2009 to ensure that safety is the same as that required by the Cosmetics Act. The product can be safely used for the baby's skin.



  • 9 rolls of gypsum tape
  • 1 jar of petroleum jelly
  • 1 pair of gloves

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