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Part Number: AVT-MON01

Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Camera & Monitor|Lullabies|Nightlight|Recording?

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Angelcare AC115 Digital Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

Movement monitoring and sophisticated design give parents the ultimate peace of mind. Angelcare’s AC115 movement and sound monitor allows parents to relax while baby is resting. Digital audio and movement monitoring enable parents to better respond to baby’s needs.

Angelcare designs the best-selling, most-trusted movement monitors in the world. Our patented Sensor Pad is designed to be placed under baby’s mattress where it senses subtle movements while baby sleeps. All of our movement monitoring systems alert parents if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.

The AC115 features our movement Sensor Pad bundled with a new low-profile, nursery audio/temperature sensor unit and a newly designed audio parent unit. The system features a digital temperature read-out on the parent unit and two-way audio.




Worksacross all networks for the optimal connection

ThePhilips Avent Smart baby monitor app uses SafeConnect Technology towork across available networks (3G/4G/Wi-Fi). The app automaticallymatches bandwidth and provides you with the optimal connection to yourbaby. When the quality of your internet connection decreases, the appwill automatically adjust its audio & video quality so that youcan keep watching over you little one. In case your internet connectiondrops, the monitor will constantly reconnect and notifies you if yourconnection cannot be restored
Works across all networks for the optimal connection

Supportsmultiple cameras/viewers, invite your beloved ones

Theconnection is completely secure and private. You can invite yourbeloved ones to watch-in, from wherever you or they are. Up to 10accounts in total, and with privacy mode so that you can decide if andwhen others can tune in. The app supports up to 10 cameras, with 3simultaneous viewers per camera.
Supports multiple cameras/viewers, invite your beloved ones

Monitoringperformance dependent upon Wi-Fi connection

Both,the monitor & app need to be connected to the internet. Themonitor connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, which makes the performanceof the monitor directly dependent upon the performance of your Wi-Ficonnection. Please make sure the Philips Avent Smart baby monitor islocated in close range of the Wi-Fi router, or use Wi-Fi repeater /powerline adapter with integrated Wi-Fi to boost the Wi-Fi signal nearthe monitor. Your smart device can be connected to the internet eithervia 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, enabling you to watch over your little one fromwherever you are.
Monitoring performance dependent upon Wi-Fi connection

Personalizesettings, monitor the way you want

Allsettings and notifications for the smart baby monitor and the app canbe completely personalized, so you can choose and receive exactly thefrequency and type of updates you would like. Additionally, you can setthe product features how and when you would like to. Whether it forinstance is the color of the nightlight, or a specific lullaby.
Personalize settings, monitor the way you want

Upto 720p HD day & night vision quality

Seeand hear your baby during the day & night. The camera offerssuperior video and audio quality, with up to 720p HD day &night vision. Full color by day and infra red black and white by night
Up to 720p HD day & night vision quality

Backgroundmode with reduced power consumption

Youcan use the app either actively in foreground mode, or in backgroundwhile using your phone or tablet for other things. In background mode,the app will have reduced power consumtion but it will keep youinformed when your baby starts crying. This, so you know when your babystarts crying, even when actively using a different app.
Background mode with reduced power consumption

Aselection of lullabies for calm, contented sleep

Helpsoothe your baby off to sleep by playing one of the 10 soothinglullabies. Start the lullabies directly via the camera in your baby'sroom, or operate it remotely via the app. You can set a timer andchoose which songs to play at what moment
A selection of lullabies for calm, contented sleep

Multi-colornightlight to soothe your baby to sleep

Usethe multi-color nightlight to create a gentle calming ambience thatwill send your baby to sleep. Start the nightlight directly via thecamera in your baby's room, or operate it remotely via the app. You canspecify the color of the light and set a timer to decide when todisplay it.
Multi-color nightlight to soothe your baby to sleep

ReassuringTalkBack function

Calmand reassure your baby with the sound of your own voice using the app,from wherever you are
Reassuring TalkBack function

Roomhumidity and temperature monitoring and recording

ThePhilips Avent Smart baby monitor has a built in sensor to monitor andrecord the humidity, temperature and sound in your baby's room. You canpersonalize the threshold of these readings, so that you can create andmaintain the very best, healthy sleep environment. This is just one ofthe ways the uGrow smart baby monitor provides more data for moreinsights into your baby's healthy development.
Room humidity and temperature monitoring and recording

Snapshotto capture your baby's special moments

Nevermiss a thing even when your little one is sleeping. Use the Snapshotoption to capture all those special moments.
Snapshot to capture your baby's special moments

Simplyuse the QR code to set up and download the app

ThePhilips Avent Smart baby monitor is incredibly easy to set up. Simplydownload the app and use the in-app QR code to connect the camera toyour local Wi-Fi network. The app includes a first time user guide,which will support you and explain the buttons and features of the app.




  • Whatis includedSmart baby monitor-Yes
  • Wallmount-Yes
  • Adapter-Yes
  • Voltage-100-240V
  • RatedFrequency-50-60 Hz
  • Resolution-upto 720p HD (1280 x 720)
  • Videocodec-H.264
  • WhiteBalance-Automatic
  • Exposure-Automatic
  • CameraWiFi-802.11 b/ g/ n (2.4 GHz, not compatible with 5GHz)
  • Sensor-1.3Megapixel camera sensor
  • Focusmode-Fixed
  • FocusLength-0.2 - 3 meters
  • Viewangle-Landscape 57.7°&Portrait 44.9°
  • Ambientlight sensor-Yes
  • Aperture-F2.8
  • Monitormultiple cameras-10
  • Multipleviewers-3 simultaneously
  • Automaticnight mode-Infrared
  • Humiditymonitoring-10% - 80% RH
  • Humidityhistory-Last 24 hours
  • Temperaturemonitoring-0°C - 40°C
  • Temperaturehistory-Last 24 hours
  • Soothinglullabies-10
  • Nightlight-Multi color
  • Day& night vision-Yes
  • Talkbackfunction-Yes
  • Snapshot-Yes
  • EasyQR code set up-Yes
  • Backgroundlistening-Yes
  • Noisedetection-Variable threshold setting
  • Adjustableviewing angle-Yes
  • Digitalzoom and pan-Yes, in app feature
  • Installation-viaApple App store or Google Play store
  • AutomaticApp update-Automatic camera firmware update
  • Androidcompatibility-version 4.1 & above (phone/tablet)
  • iPadcompatibility-1.Version iOS7 & above & iPad 2and newer        
  • iPhonecompatibility-1.Version iOS7 & above & .iPhone4S and newer
  • iPodcompatibility-1.Version iOS7 & above & iPodTouch 5th gen and newer

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