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Weight Watchers

Part Number: WE-8991BU

Weight Watchers Body Analyser Scale|33mm Display|5 Fitness Level|10 User Memory|

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Weight Watchers Precision Body Analyser Electronic Scale


Designed with large buttons meant to be operated by your toes, this clever electronic scale accurately measures your body's overall fitness, ranging from your body weight to your body water. Whether you are trying to lose weight for the first time in too long or just want to tone up for a big event..

Enhanced measurement to keep your body on the right track
After working hard to lose weight, there is nothing more rewarding than stepping onto a bathroom scale and seeing results. Now imagine if you could see results for more than just body weight. Overall body health means more than just losing weight. That's why the Precision Body Analyser gives you two weight management modes: weight only and body analysis.

As you would expect, the weight only mode solely measures your body weight, while the body analysis mode gives a more complete picture of your overall body health. Measuring in stones, kilograms and pounds, the Precision Body Analysis provides clear and instant analysis of your body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat and body water.

Quick and clear overall body analysis at the toe of a button
If you are someone who sometimes finds technology a little intimidating, have no fear with this scale. The Precision Body Analyser couldn’t be easier to use. Of course, it always helps to read the manual, but after that we’re sure you’ll have the scale fully operational within minutes. And once you do, there’s so much you can do with it!

First thing you’ll want to do is measure your current fitness level. This will give the scale a reference point when you measure yourself in the future. From that point on, when you’re logged in as one of the 10 users (done by a simple tapping of the toe), the scale will let you know how you’re progressing with your overall body fitness, from your body weight to your hydration level. When you start seeing results for all these different areas, just imagine how rewarding that will be.

Highly sensitive measurement for incredibly accurate results
The Precision Body Analyser scale is a highly sensitive measuring instrument. When such a highly sensitive scale is placed on soft surfaces like carpeting, it can sometimes result in inconsistent readings.

While a set of attachable legs for use on carpet are included, the most reliable way to ensure that you receive accurate and consistent results every time is to place the Precision Body Analyser on a flat, hard surface such as hardwood or cement. This is the best way to ensure that you are getting the readings you need to get the results you want.



  •  Measures body weight BMI body fat & bodywater
  •  Weighs in stones lbs or kgs
  •  Max 23st 8lb / 330lb / 150kg
  •  Measures in 3½oz/100g increments
  •  Large 1¼" / 33mm display
  •  Coloured indicators for low normal high bodyanalysis readings
  •  10 User memory
  •  5 Fitness levels
  •  Long life lithium battery
  •  10 year guarantee


Whats in the Package?

Weight Watchers Body Analyser Scale|33mm Display|5 Fitness Level|10 User Memory|

1 x Long life lithium battery

1 x Set of carpet legs

1 x Information booklet

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