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Part Number: BBE-TOY10

Barbie Pet Care Centre | Veterinarian Doctor Grooming Playset with 4 Pets | 15Pieces

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Barbie Pet Centre Playset


BarbieŽ  doll  loves  animals  and  when  they  need  care,  this  pet  care  center  is  the  perfect  place  to  take  them.  The  colourful  play  set  opens  to  reveal  four  distinct  play  spaces  with  fun  features,  realistic  backdrops  and  cool  accessories.  There  are  even  four  pet  patients  ready  to  see  the  doctor  (doll  sold  separately,  subject  to  availability)  -  a  puppy,  a  cat,  a  kitten  and  a  hamster!

Check  in  at  the  reception  desk  with  its  chair  and  computer.  Head  over  to  the  exam  station  and  move  the  tabs  up  and  down  on  the  x-ray  for  dog,  cat  and  hamster  views.  Pets  can  clean  up  in  the  grooming  center  and  take  a  real  bath  with  water  in  a  removable  tub!  After  cleaning,  the  pets  can  rest  in  the  nursery,  play  or  take  a  potty  break  in  the  small  grassy  area.  Additional  pieces  that  expand  play  include  a  pet  bed,  feeding  bowls  and  bottles,  pet  treats  and  toys,  grooming  supplies  and  a  stethoscope.

When  playtime  is  over,  fold  up  with  everything  inside  for  easy  storage.  A  pink  dog-shaped  carrying  handle  means  this  pet  vet  can  also  make  house  calls!  Young  animal  lovers  can  play  out  all  types  of  care  scenarios  and  let  their  dreams  grow  because  with  BarbieŽ,  you  can  be  anything!  Pet  care  station  play  set  includes  four  animals  and  themed  accessories;  doll  not  included.  Colours  and  decorations  may  vary.



  • Barbie® doll (sold separately, subject toavailability) loves animals and when they need care, this pet carecenter is the perfect spot to take them.
  • There are four pet patients ready to see the doctor - apuppy, a cat, a kitten and a hamster!
  • The colourful play set opens to reveal four distinct playspaces with fun features, realistic backdrops and cool accessories.Fold it up with everything inside for easy storage; a pink dog-shapedcarrying handle makes it portable.
  • An exam station has fun accessories for patient care, likea spinning mobile, bouncy bed and hamster wheel (that really spins!).
  • Another section features an x-ray display - just move thetab to see ""inside"" the patient (three different screens show apuppy, kitten or hamster).
  • The grooming area has a removable tub with hose - fill withwater to give the animals a real bath!
  • The four pets can play (or take a potty break) in the smallgrassy area.
  • Check in and out at the reception desk with its chair andcomputer.
  • Young animal lovers can play out their aspirations againand again with this pet care center because with Barbie®, youcan be anything!


Whats in the Package?

Barbie Pet Care Centre | Veterinarian Doctor Grooming Playset with 4 Pets | 15Pieces

Check-in desk, X-Ray room, Grooming centre and Nursery

Includes 4 Adorable Animals [Puppy, Cat, Kitten and Hamster]

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