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Part Number: BBE-TOY11

Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Kingdom Carriage | Princess Doll+Unicorn Playset | +3 Year

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Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Kingdom Carriage


This  Barbie™  Dreamtopia  Sweetville  carriage  and  unicorn  is  one  sweet  ride  for  Barbie®  princess  doll.  Swing  open  the  door  to  let  her  hop  in  and  ride  in  royal  style!  Inspired  by  a  strawberry,  the  open-air  carriage  is  so  pretty - a  crown  acts  as  a  leaf  on  the  pink  top,  green  scrollwork  keeps  it  airy,  the  pink  doors  are  decorated  with  bows  and  the  purple  wheels  swirl  as  they  roll. 

Simply  place  Barbie®  doll  in  the  seat,  and  pull  or  push  to  get  your  stories  started.  Barbie®  princess  doll  can  invite  a  friend  -  the  carriage  comfortably  seats  two  for  even  more  riding  fun.  The  white  unicorn  is  ready  to  lead  imaginations  anywhere  with  a  pink  horn  and  purple  mane  and  tail.  A  bridle  and  reins  connect  it  to  the  fantastical  carriage. 

Barbie®  princess  doll  looks  so  sweet  with  a  pink  candy-decorated  bodice,  a  removable  skirt  with  colorful  fruit  print,  matching  shoes  and  a  pink  tiara.  Young  imaginations  will  love  letting  their  dreams  ride  into  Barbie™  Dreamtopia's  Sweetville  Kingdom  and  beyond!

Includes  Barbie®  doll  wearing  fashions  and  accessories,  carriage  with  rolling  wheels,  unicorn  and  bridle  and  reins.  Colours  and  decorations  may  vary.



  • The Barbie™ Dreamtopia Sweetville carriage andunicorn is one sweet ride for Barbie® princess doll.
  • Inspired by a strawberry, the open-air carriage is sopretty - a crown acts as a leaf on the pink top, green scrollwork keepsit airy, the pink doors are decorated with bows and the purple wheelsswirl as they roll.
  • Swing open the door to let Barbie® princess dollhop in, place her in the seat and pull or push to get your storiesstarted.
  • Barbie® princess doll can invite a friend -- thecarriage comfortably seats two dolls for even more riding fun.
  • The white unicorn is ready to lead imaginations anywherewith a pink horn and purple mane and tail. A colourful bridle and reinsconnect it to the fantastical carriage.
  • Barbie® princess doll looks so sweet with a pinkcandy-decorated bodice, a removable skirt with colorful fruit print,matching shoes and a pink tiara.
  • Young imaginations will love letting their dreams ride intoBarbie™ Dreamtopia Sweetville Kingdom and beyond!
  • Collect all of the Barbie™ Dreamtopia Sweetvilledolls and accessories to satisfy your sweet tooth (each soldseparately, subject to availability).

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