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Part Number: BBE-TOY23

Barbie Ultimate Baking Innovation | Baby's Kitchen & Doll Toy Playset | Realistic | +3 Year

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Barbie Ultimate Baking Innovation


Cook  up  gourmet  stories  with  Barbie  doll  and  the  ultimate  kitchen  playset! 

The  set  includes  Barbie  chef  doll,  kitchen  counter,  appliances,  cooking  and dining  utensils,  and  five  different  colors  of  dough  to  make  food  items.

 Lift  up  the  cutting  board  to  reveal  vegetable  molds  - fill  with dough;  press down  and  lift  up  to  reveal  veggies  that  Barbie  doll  can  slice  and  dice  with  her  knife.  To  make  the  perfect  sandwich,  fill  the  sandwich  maker  mold with dough.  Place  back  into  the  machine  and  press  down  the  silver  handlebar,  watch  the  dough  rise,  and  slide  the  lever  across  to  slice  a  delicious sandwich.  Cook  up  a  side  of  fries  - drop  the  yellow  dough  into  the  fryer,  press  the  handlebar  down  (hear  the  sizzle!)  and  watch  as  the  perfect  batch of  fries  emerge.

 "Turn  on"  the  stove  to  warm  the  pot  and  see  the  stovetop  light  up  red. Don't  forget  the  dessert  - simply  place  the  dough  into  the pie  baking  sheet  mold  and  slide  into  the  oven.  Press  the  button  and  listen  for  the  ding!

Barbie  doll  is  ready  to  cook  and  serve  in  chef  apron  and shoes.



  • Barbie Doll's Ultimate Kitchen Inspires Young Chefs!
  • This Barbie kitchen playset is the perfect recipe forplaytime fun with all of the ingredients to cook up imaginative storiesand meals.
  • Lights and sounds add realistic touches.
  • More than 20 storytelling pieces in the kitchen playsetwith lights, sounds, veggie mold, sandwich maker and fry press; plus apie mold, 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 glasses, a bowl, pot, fryingpan, prep knife, a pair of tongs, serving spoon, spatula and 5 doughcolours (white, beige, yellow, orange and green).
  • Small hands will find the working features easy to use. Usethe lever to hear the oven timer ding or push a button to activate thestovetop light and boiling sounds. Fill molds with dough to make a piein the pie mold, french fries in the fry press (it 'sizzles,' too!),sandwich fixings in the sandwich maker and veggies in the veggie mold.Five dough colours let young gourmets cover all the food groups andmake their favourite meals.
  • There are touches of silver and pink, shelving andcabinets, a mini-fridge with working door and hooks to hang cookware.
  • Barbie doll has on a versatile look perfect for whateverrecipe young chefs dream of creating!
  • Barbie is dressed in a trendy blue dress, polka-dot apronand white shoes
  • Colours and decorations may vary
  • Requires 3 x AAA (LR03) Alkaline batteries
  • Suitable from 3 Years+

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