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Part Number: BEUBF530

Beurer BF530 Diagnostic Body Analyser Bathroom Scale|Automatic User Recognition|

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Beurer Diagnostic Scales


If you want to measure more than just your weight, this versatile diagnostic scale from Beurer could be just what you are looking for. Just by standing on the scales it will recognise you and up to 7 other users. Check and monitor your weight, body fat, muscle percentage, body water and BMI. Find out how many calories you need to maintain your weight, with the AMR/BMR calorie display. The brushed, stainless steel electrodes and safety-glass weighing platform gives a sleek, elegant appearance that will look great in a modern bathroom or gym. Beurer of Ulm, Germany was founded in 1919 and is synonymous with health and well-being. The company developed the first heating pads in Germany whilst today's range encompasses a wealth of products for health and well-being, beauty, baby care, sports, medical diagnostic and prevention sectors. Products include heating pads, heated bedding, blood pressure and blood glucose monitors, nebulisers, clinical thermometers, personal and kitchen scales, foot spas, air humidifiers, Shiatsu massagers, baby monitors, heart rate monitors and cosmetic mirrors. Beurer GmbH is a medium sized privately owned group operating a global distribution network in more than 80 countries and currently has a workforce of over 350 people. Beurer is the European one-stop specialist for health and well-being consumer electronics products. Our success is due to our long-standing reputation for well-engineered, quality made products; driven by innovation and safety.

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Beurer BF530 Diagnostic Bathroom Scales with Auto User Recognition.

The Beurer BF530 Diagnostic Scale measures weight, calorie consumption and Basal Metabolic Rate, so its the perfect set of scales for fitness fans. The 8 user memory and five activity levels ensure you are supported throughout your journey, making charting your progress simple.The key feature of these scales is the auto user recognition ensuring optimum ease of use.



  • Elegant, innovative diagnostic scale
  • Accurately measures weight, bodyfat,musclepercentage,bonemass and body water
  • Calculates BMI
  • Automatically recognises and stores data for8differentusers
  • Find out how many calories you need tomaintainyourweight,with the AMR/BMR calorie display.
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Ideal for the health and fitness conscious

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