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Part Number: BEUMG100

Beurer MG100 Infrared Massager|Tapping Percussion Massage|Back Neck & Shoulders|

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Beurer Infrared Massager with Tapping Massage


The Beurer MG100 Metal Line Pro Infrared Massager features two powerful tapping massage heads for optimal effectiveness. With a casing made of sandblasted aluminium the MG100 is ideal for demanding users. The heavy duty motors are designed for longevity and high usage. The massage speed can be adjusted in 5 steps and there are 4 separate massage programs for you to try. In addition, the application of infrared heat reinforces the effect of the massage delivered not only by warming the surface of the skin but also by promoting circulation in the area. This enables the massage to reach deeper layers of tissue and muscles aiding the natural healing process.

The two non-slip ergonomic handles allow the unit to be applied by another person for the ultimate in pampering. Alternatively the long main handle allows you to reach your own back areas. To provide extra versatility the unit is supplied with two interchangeable heads one of which has reflexology style nodules.
MG 100, MG100, home massage device, tapping massage, beurer Beurer MG100 Metal Pro-Line Handheld Infrared Tapping Massager

Save yourself a trip to the massage studio and enjoy a penetrating and relaxing massage at home. The MG100 offers two interchangeable massage attachments one soft attachment and one nub attachment allowing you to tailor the massage to your individual needs. The massage speed can also be adjusted using a control and infrared heat can be switched on to intensify the effect of the massage if desired.
MG 100, MG100, home massage device, tapping massage, beurer Perfect application

The application areas of MG100 are the back, along the spine and all of the legs. The massager is guided to the area of the body to be massaged using one or both hands for a penetrating tapping massage. You may be sitting, standing or lying down during the massage and you can use the device to massage yourself or another person.
Enjoy the soothing effect the heat brings

Infrared rays are invisible waves of energy that penetrate deep into the inner tissues, muscles and bones of the body. Other than the benefits of soothing relaxation, massage combined with infrared heat therapy may offer many other healthful benefits such as relaxing tight muscles, improving circulation and pain relief. 'Arthritis Today' lists heat therapy as one of the most effective pain relief treatments for stiff joints and inflammation. The deep penetrating warmth of infrared massage stimulates blood flow which can help reduce arthritis pain.
beurer, tapping massage, massage device, infrared massage, MG100 For a more intense massage and to tailor the massage to your needs, you can use the two different massage attachments a soft attachment and a nub attachment. To do this, select a massage attachment of your choice. You can perform the massage with or without a massage attachment
The pleasant and penetrating tapping massage relaxes the muscles and relieves tension. The massage intensity is continuously adjustable to suit your individual needs. You can also change the massage intensity by pressing the massager firmly or more gently
beurer, tapping massage, massage device, infrared massage, MG100 The massage intensity is continuously adjustable, allowing you to adapt the tapping massage optimally to your needs and the different massage areas



  • Extra Heavy Duty Handheld Tapping Percussion Massager
  • Dual head design for super effective massage
  • Aluminium body
  • 4 massage programs, 5 speeds
  • Switchable Infrared Heat increases the relaxation benefits


Whats in the Package?

Beurer MG100 Infrared Massager|Tapping Percussion Massage|Back Neck & Shoulders|

  • 1 x MG100 Massager
  • 2 massage attachments,gift box
  • 3 year guarantee
  • user manual

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