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Cardo Scala Rider

Part Number: BTSRSPD

Cardo Scala Rider SmartPack Duo Bluetooth Headset | Motorcycle Helmet Intercom | Black

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Cardo Scala Rider SmartPack Duo Bluetooth Headset


Cardo Scala Rider SMARTPACK Bluetooth Communication and Entertainment System 
(individual set with wired and hybrid boom microphone). 

The brand new upper class model from Cardo features innovative DMC Intercom technology for small groups of up to 4 bikers. SMARTPACK allows biker groups to communicate as a dynamic network, in which each person remains continuously and directly connected with all the others. 

Cardo is proud to lead the revolution of group communication for riders, this time with small groups in mind. In SMARTPACK's DMC Intercom mode, a group of 4 riders can communicate at a remarkable range of up to 3 miles / 5 km. This, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity with mobile phones, GPS, music, FM radio and other Bluetooth communication systems. 

The scala rider® SMARTPACK™ includes both DMC™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) and Bluetooth® technologies to give you the best of both worlds. Bluetooth mode enables you to communicate with non-SMARTPACK riders, operate your mobile phone, receive navigation instructions from GPS devices, and listen to music (via A2DP). 

What is DMC and how does it differ from traditional Bluetooth technology? 

DMC is a groundbreaking technology developed by Cardo to completely change how group riders communicate with each other. Instead of the traditional Bluetooth 'daisy-chain' intercom connection, the group is connected in a dynamic network to ensure that communication remains uninterrupted at all times. In SMARTPACK's DMC Intercom mode, a group of 4 riders can communicate at a remarkable range of up to 3 miles / 5 km, and any of the members can leave / join the group, or receive incoming phone calls at any given time, without compromising the conversation for the rest of the group. 

With the Cardo SmartSet app and its remote control feature, you may opt to use your smartphone or tablet to control your SMARTPACK. Make intercom and phone calls, play music or listen to the radio and customize the settings — all from your Android or iOS mobile device.



  • DMC (DynamicMeshwork Communication) and Bluetooth technology in the same unit
  • DMC Intercomtechnology for small biker groups with up to 4 bikers and a max rangeof 4000 m (with 4 participants) within a dynamic, self-adjustingnetwork. Group communication remains intact even if one or more bikersrandomly leave or rejoin the group
  • "One+8"bike-to-bike intercom for up to 9 bikers with a max. range of 1600m intoggling mode (1:1)
  • Bike-to-bikeintercom for two rider-pillion pairs in conference, with a max. rangeof 1600m
  • Bike-to-bikeintercom for up to 3 bikers in conference with a max. range of 1600m
  • Rider-to-pillionintercom
  • Automatictransfer to mobile phone when outside the intercom's range
  • Intercomconnection to many headsets from other makers via Cardo Gateway function
MobilePhone Connection:
  • Voice-activatedcall answer and reject (Vox technology) so you never need to take yourhands off the handlebar
  • Voice-activatedcall function and dialling (mobile phone must support voice activation)
  • Connectionto compatible Bluetooth GPS (requires Bluetooth headset profile) forlistening to navigation directions (e.g. Garmin zumo, TomTom Rider)

  • Exchangeablestereo speakers, allowing users to connect their own speakers via 3.5mm jack plug
  • Full duplexconnection: simultaneous communication in both directions via intercom
  • VOX functionfor hands-free intercom and telephone calls
  • A2DPBluetooth Stereo protocol for wireless hi-fi stereo connection toA2DP-compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
  • AVRCPfunction for remote control of music playback (Play, Pause, Trackforward, Track back) with compatible mobile phones or MP3 players
  • Parallelaudio streaming without interruption to intercom conversations -seamless volume reduction of all audio sources, incl. GPS directions,radio, MP3
  • Noise-cancellingand echo-reducing digital signal processor
  • Rider andpillion passenger can receive the same audio sound track (e.g. from MP3player) via A2DP
  • Intuitivemanual operation via Cardo's innovative scroll-type interface
  • Operationand configuration via compatible smart phones as remote control on thehandlebar via Cardo SmartSet App
  • Menuguidance via voice commands
  • Menu statusannouncements
  • Individualconfiguration via Cardo Community web portal
  • Automaticvolume adjustment according to travel speed and background noise.
  • Radioreception via integrated RDS FM module
  • RDS functionautomatic search for the best radio frequency
  • Softwareupdate via USB port (requirement: PC with Windows XP, 7 or 8 or Mac OS)
  • Click-to-Linkfunction for rapid connection with other compatible Cardo Scala Riderdevices without prior pairing
  • Sturdy andweather-resistant
  • Talk time:13 hours
  • Standbytime: up to 7 days


Whats in the Package?

Cardo Scala Rider SmartPack Duo Bluetooth Headset | Motorcycle Helmet Intercom | Black

2 X Cardo Scala Rider SMARTPACK control units

2 X Clamp Mounts with Cable and Hybrid Boom Microphone and Removable Stereo Speakers

2 X Adhesive Pad Mount (Alternative to Clamp Mount)

Mains Charger


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