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Dr Browns

Part Number DBWB824.1

Dr Brown's Baby Infant Natural Feeding Bottle Twin Pack 240ml BPA Free

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Reduce colic, burping and wind with this incredible Special Edition Blue Natural Flow Baby Bottle Set from Dr Brown’s.

With an innovative internal vent system, the Natural Flow Bottles reduce aeration of the milk, vacuum pressure and teat collapse during feeding. The result is a happier baby with less susceptibility to gas, wind and colic.

In addition, the wide neck mimics the breast shape, making your baby feel calm and comfortable during feeding.



Suitable for:

  • Bottle feeding
  • 0m+
Key features:
  • Vacuum-free feeding (like breastfeeding)
  • The fully-vented bottle design provides vacuum-freefeeding, which eliminates teat collapse and can help reduce build up offluid in baby's ear
  • Recommended by Doctors, Midwives and Moms in a recent UKstudy
  • Dr Brown's anti-colic system
  • Helps preserve vitamins A, C and E, and lipids in breastmilk
Care instructions:
  • Sterilise between feeds with electric or microwavesteriliser.



  • Patented internal vent system eliminates the vacuum and theair bubbles found in most baby bottles
  • Allows air to enter through the teat collar without beingincorporated into the breast milk or formula
  • Air is channelled through the internal vent system to thearea above the breast milk or formula
  • Babies feed more comfortable avoiding the negative effectsof a vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles. This helps toreduce colic, burping and wind
  • Breast milk or formula flows freely through the teat as theair is channelled to the top of the bottle. This positive pressureeliminates teat collapse, and can help reduce the build of fluid inbaby?s ear.


Whats in the Package?

Dr Brown's Baby Infant Natural Feeding Bottle Twin Pack 240ml BPA Free

2 x level 1 silicone teat

2 x 2-piece internal vents

1 x cleaning brush

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