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Part Number Eco Combat Helmet#Variation Black

Scorpion Exo Combat Open Face Motorcycle Unisex Helmet|Crossover|Jet Style|Matt Black

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Scorpion Exo Combat Multi Color Helmet

Cleaning the Outside of the Helmet
Never use any solvents or abrasive cleaners to clean your helmet!! For optimum performance, rinse your helmet in warm water using a mild soap. If the outside is dirty with dried dirt and bugs, we suggest you place a wet towel over the helmet for at least one minute before wiping it clean. This softens the foreign objects before removal lessening the chance of scratches. The multiple coatings on the face shield are resistant to light scratching, however, heavy, abusive scratching can break through the coatings and cause visible marks. Removing dirt and bugs with good cleaning practices and keeping your helmet in a RaceCase™ will significantly help to prolong the life of your helmet and face shields.

Cleaning the Inside of the Helmet
The removable, washable liner in all our helmets make it easy to clean. Even a man can do it. Remove the cheek pads first by unsnapping the 3 (usually) button snaps on each one. Be careful not to “tear” the pad out, but carefully un-snap each button. The “crownliner” can be unsnapped (2) from the back of the head area and the pulled away from the helmet in the forehead area. Note the alignment arrows for re-installing the crownliner. Throw these three pieces into the washing machine if possible in a washing bag so that the plastic parts cannot be broken or damage the textile and allow to air dry before re-installing.

Cleaning the Face Shield
The ScorpionExo face shields for 400s and 700s have different cleaning procedures for inside and outside. The outside is coated with an anti-scratch coating which prevents minor scratches, but cannot resist heavy wiping and cleaning without preliminary softening of the dirt, grime and bugs first. Note the damp towel method of softening dried bugs and dirt above. Plastic polishes work fine to clean the outside of the shield as long as the dirt and grime has been softened and removed first. The inner Everclear™ no-fog coated face shields require special treatment for cleaning. We suggest using a warm water and mild soap combination followed by “pat drying” with a dry towel. “Wiping” may cause premature wear and scratching on the Everclear™ innercoating.

Certain common household chemicals will react negatively with the polycarbonates, fiberglass or coatings of your helmet. Avoid contact with acetone (nail polish remover), caustic solutions (ammonia-based cleaners), hair sprays containing methyene, chlorine from swimming pools or glues.

Repair Service
Scorpion Sports offers special low-cost repairs or replacement parts to keep your helmet in excellent working condition. Please give us or your local dealer a call. Our warranty and repair department can be reached at business hours at +33-(0)390222299.

How to choose the good size ?

The first step in the fitting process is to measure around your head at the temple above the eye brow. These are guidelines, a starting point, visit your dealer for assistance in selecting a proper fit.

Size Cm
XS 54-55cm
S 55-56cm
M 57-58cm
L 58-59cm
XL 60-61cm
XXL 62-63cm




  • AdvancedPolycarbonate Composite Engineered Shell: Quiet, aero-tuned design forwind-tunnel tested comfort. EPS-lined chin bar for additionalprotection.
  • Ventilationsystem: Adjustable, indexed front and rear vents with aero-tuned rearspoiler reduce lift, create vacuum and maximize airflow through helmet.
  • 6available sizes from the XS to the XXL
  • MicrometricAutomatic chinstrap buckle for quick release and precise adjustment.
  • Removablechinguard to switch to a JET style helmet




  • Category : Clothing
  • Colour : Multi color
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Helmet Interior : RemovableLining
  • Helmet Strap Type : Quick ReleaseStrap
  • Helmet Type :Crossover
  • Helmet Type : OpenFace
  • Material :Thermo-Resin Shell
  • Sub Category : Helmet
  • Warranty Years : 5Year Warranty

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