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Part Number: ETS-TOY09

Enchantimals Playset Bear Picnic | Baby/ Kid's Antique Fun/ Playtime Toy | +3 Years

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Enchantimals Playset Bear Picnic


The  Paws  for  a  Picnic  storytelling  pack,  inspired  by  the  world  of  Enchantimals™,  is  positively  enchanting -  a  six-inch  Bren  Bear™  doll,  two  bear  friends  and  accessories  create  a  friendly  forest  scene.  The  picnic  set  pieces  are  colourful  and  have  fun  details  to  inspire  storytelling.

Kids  will  love  the  aqua  picnic  basket  decorated  with  symbols  like  a  paw  print  and  a  pink  handle - open  to  store  the  smaller  pieces  inside.  There's  a  checkered  blanket,  food  and  glasses  for  all  three  friends! 

The  Enchantimals™  Bren  Bear™  doll  is  ready  to  dine  forest-style  dressed  in  a  brightly  coloured  outfit  with  a  gingham  print  on  her  removable  skirt,  brown  shoes  and  furry  stole.  A  pink  headband  with  bow  is  pretty  in  her  rooted  brown  hair,  and  her  bear  ears  are  so  cute. 

Her  two  bear  friends - one  medium  and  one  small - are  adorable  with  headbands  in  their  furry  hair.  They're  ready  to  picnic  every  day! 

Kids  will  love  recreating  the  wonder  of  nature  and  celebrating  a  world  where  Caring  Is  Our  Everything™.  Collect  them  all  to  build  out  a  world  of  Enchantimals™  and  tell  enchanting  stories  of  your  own  (each  sold  separately,  subject  to  availability). 

Includes  Bren  Bear™  doll  wearing  fashions  and  accessories,  one  medium-sized  bear  figure,  one  small  bear  figure,  one  picnic  basket,  one  blanket  and  themed  accessories.  Colours  and  decorations  may  vary.



  • The Paws for a Picnic storytelling pack is inspired by theworld of Enchantimals™ and comes with a six-inch doll, twoanimal friends and accessories to play out familiar themes.
  • Bren Bear™ doll and her two bear friends areready to dine forest style with picnic accessories.
  • An aqua picnic basket is decorated with symbols like a pawprint and a pink handle. Open to store the smaller pieces inside -there's a checkered blanket, food and glasses for all three friends.
  • The two bear figures - one medium and one small –have headbands in their furry hair.
  • The Enchantimals™ Bren Bear™ doll wearsa colorful outfit with a gingham print on her removable skirt, a furrystole, brown shoes and a pink headband with bow.
  • Dark rooted hair styled is long and curly, bear ears pokeout and bear-inspired facial features inspire wonder and storytelling.
  • Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with theseenchanted friends, and collect them all to build out a world ofEnchantimals™ (each sold separately, subject to availability).


Whats in the Package?

Enchantimals Playset Bear Picnic | Baby/ Kid's Antique Fun/ Playtime Toy | +3 Years

Bren Bear? Doll Wearing Fashions And Accessories

Medium-sized Bear Figure

Small Bear Figure

Picnic Basket


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