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Part Number: ETS-TOY20

Enchantimals Large Zebra & Zelena Doll | Kid's Antique Storytelling Play Set | +3 years

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Enchantimals Large Zebra and Zelena Doll Storytelling Set


Imaginations  ride  into  an  enchanted  world  with  the  Enchantimals™  doll  and  animal  sets,  like  Zelena  Zebra™  doll  and  her  large  zebra  friend  Hoofette™  figure. 

The  Enchantimals™  dolls  are  lovable  characters  who  share  a  special  bond  with  their  animal  friends  - they're  always  together,  and  they  look  alike,  too. Plus,  Hoofette™  zebra  friend  is  big  enough  to  ride! 

The  six-inch  Zelena  Zebra™  doll  wears  a  colourful  outfit  with  removable  skirt,  shoes  and  headpiece.  Zebra-inspired  ears  poke  from  her  rooted  black  and  white  hair.  Pawl™  zebra  bestie  has  cute  touches  and  unique  accessories  of  its  own,  like  furry  mane  detail,  decorated  reins  and  a  matching  headpiece. 

Kids  will  love  recreating  the  special  bond  the  friends  share  and  celebrating  a  world  where  Caring  Is  Our  Everything™.  Collect  them  all  to  build  out  a  world  of  Enchantimals™  and  tell  enchanting  stories  of  your  own  (each  sold  separately,  subject  to  availability).



  • Zelena Zebra™ doll and her large zebra friend,Hoofette™ figure, are inspired by the world ofEnchantimals™
  • The 6" doll can ride the large figure for activestorytelling and imaginative fun.
  • Zelena Zebra™ doll wears a whimsical outfit withblue zebra-striped top, a colorful floral zebra print on her removableskirt and aqua shoes.  A colourful floral hairpiece is sopretty in her black and white hair.
  • Hoofette™ zebra friend has adorable details, likefurry mane detail and cute expression, along with green reins and aremovable headpiece that matches her bestie.

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