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Part Number: Eylure Acc Variation

EYLURE Lashfix Ladies Quick Dry Long Lasting False Eye Lash Glue / Glue Remover

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Eylure Lashfix is a high quality strip lash adhesive. It's 100% safe to use - it's also really easy to apply!  For a firm hold on your strip lashes this is the glue that you should buy. Don't waste your time buying cheap glues that don't stick properly, Eylure Lashfix is one of the most popular lash adhesives on the market for a reason - there are hundreds of rave reviews out there from false lash fanatics.

Please note that this item is classified as a Hygiene Sensitiveitem which will not be refundable or exchanged within the 30 days of purchased if used. We urge you to please do all the necessary research on the item
prior to purchasing as to ensure that it is indeed going to serve its purpose.



CAUTION: Apply to lashes, notskin. Contains Latex. Stop using thisproduct if you develop redness oritching. In case of eye contact, washout the eye thoroughly with plentyof clean water. If irritation orredness persists seek medicalattention. Keep out of reach of children.

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Whats in the Package?

EYLURE Lashfix Ladies Quick Dry Long Lasting False Eye Lash Glue / Glue Remover

8.5ml bottle of Eylure Lashfix adhesive

Buy with Confidence from a EYLURE Authorised Dealer and All Purchases come with a VAT Receipt.