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Part Number: HX843212

Philips Sonicare Dental | Pink Air Pro Power Flosser Mouthwash Irrigator | HX8432/12

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Philips Sonicare Pink Air Floss Pro Power Flosser & Mouthwash 


AirFloss Pro removes up to 99.9% of plaque*. Its unique micro-droplet technology combines air and water/mouthwash to powerfully yet gently remove plaque enabling you to achieve healthier gums in just 2 weeks** * In a lab study, actual in-mouth results may vary. ** When used in conjunction with a manual toothbrush and anti-microbial mouth rinse in patients with mild to moderate gingivitis.

The Quick and Easy Way to Floss
  • Taking good care of your teeth and mouth is essential because your oral health can directly affect your overall health. An effective daily routine will help prevent problems caused by poor oral health such as cavities, tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. 
  • When flossing, it can often be difficult to reach trapped food and brushing alone is not always enough to protect your gums from bacteria build-up.
  • Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro takes the hassle and time consuming aspect away from manual flossing and supports the use of effective brushing by blasting away bits of trapped food and plaque that can build up between the teeth.
  •  Including Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro as part of your daily dental care routine will help keep your whole mouth fresh and your teeth and gums healthy.
Removes up to 99.9% of Plaque*

  • Helps prevent cavities by gently bursting away plaque that brushing may have missed.

Healthier Gums in 2 Weeks***

  • Clinically proven to be more effective than string floss at improving gum health.**
Micro-Droplet Technology

  • Our unique technology combines air and water to powerfully yet gently clean between teeth and along the gum line.
Clean in Just 60 Seconds

  • Cleaning your entire mouth takes less than 60 seconds a day.
Triple Burst Customisation

  • The powerful spray can be customised to your liking, with single, double or triple bursts.
High Performance Nozzle

  • Amplifies the power of the micro-droplet technology to be more effective and efficient than ever.
Can Use with Mouthwash

  • Use with mouthwash for a fresh experience and anti-microbial benefits.



  • AirFloss Prois the quick and easy way to floss
  • Removes upto 99.9% of plaque*
  • Cleaningyour whole mouth takes just 60 seconds
  • Helpsprevent cavities between the teeth giving you healthier gums in just 2weeks**
  • Two weeksbattery life on a full charge




Whats in the Package?

Philips Sonicare Dental | Pink Air Pro Power Flosser Mouthwash Irrigator | HX8432/12

AirFloss Pro handle: 1. Nozzle: 2.Charger: 1.Mouth rinse: 237 ml Breathers. User ,manual. Guarantee

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