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Part Number: MGX010

Medigenix CoolMeds Commute Case 15-25C | Travel Size | Protective & Stylish | MGX010

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MediGenix CoolMeds Commute


MediGenix CoolMeds Commute - ideal hard, stylish, travel size case for transporting temperature sensitive medicine and insulin between 15-25C for up to 6-8 hours.Ideal travel size, Protective, hard, stylish case, Elastic straps for securing medicine, Netted pouch, Removable inner pouch, 1 Cold pack included.  Buggy clip, Hotel Fridge Card included. This card can be used in hotels with card type activation of electricity thereby ensuring the hotel fridge is running whilst you are out of the room. Dimensions : 20 x 4 x 11cm and weight: 387 grams . Depending on external factors such as the ambient temperature; ambient humidity; how many times the bag is opened, etc. As such the responsibility for ensuring the medication is kept cold enough is solely that of the user and Syringa UK Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable. Always freeze your gel packs before using them in your cooled medicine bag. Always keep your cooled medical bag closed unless you need to access your medication. Never place your medication in direct contact with the frozen gel pack. Try not drop your cold packs whilst frozen. It is advised to travel with a copy of your prescription and a letter from your GP with details of your medication (including its generic name, not just the brand name and the name of the health condition that you need the medication for). As well as helping you avoid any problems at customs, this will be useful if you need medical help while you're away. It may be worth getting the information translated into the language of the country or countries that you're visiting. Always seek advice from the airline you are travelling with or the departure/transit airport authorities regarding travelling with cooled medical bags or cooling devices. Equipment and medication shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only.



  • Safely transports temperature sensitive medicine at 15 -25°C for up to 6-8 hours
  • Ideal travel size, protective, hard, stylish case and 1cold pack included
  • Elastic straps for securing medicine with netted pouch andremovable inner pouch.


Whats in the Package?

Medigenix CoolMeds Commute Case 15-25C | Travel Size | Protective & Stylish | MGX010

1 Cold pack

Hotel Fridge Card

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