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Part Number: MGX027

Medigenix Non Contact InfraRed Thermometer | 1 Second Response | Fever Alarm | MGX027

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MediGenix Infra-Red Thermometer


The MediGenix Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is designed for scanning the temperature of a person or an object. The user can switch between these two modes. It accurately reads temperature in either degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit in just one second. The user can switch between these two modes. It stores the last 9 readings and has a fever alarm which sounds when measuring in body mode. This display backlight will light up in green if the temperature is within normal range, yellow if it is elevated and red if a fever is detected. The MediGenix thermometer is particularly useful when measuring the temperature of a sleeping patient as no contact is necessary. The backlit display means you can effectively read a temperature in a darkened room providing you manage to get within 2 to 4cm of the patient's forehead when taking the reading. The Object function is handy when, meaesuring the temperature of a baby's milk, porridge or bathwater.



  • 1 Second response
  • Body/Object switchable
  • 32°C - 44°C Body measuring range
  • 0°C - 100°C Object measuring range
  • C/°F switchable
  • 9 Reading memories
  • Fever alarm
  • Includes batteries.

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