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Part Number: MTG-G1000RB-1AER

Casio MTG-G1000RB-1AER G-shock Men`s Watch|Solar Energy|Stainless Steel Band|NEW

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Casio G-shock Solar Stainless Steel Band Men`s Watch


Super illuminator
  • With the push of a button, the display lights up in a fashionable color.
  • A luminous coating provides long-term light effect in the dark. Requires only a short-term exposure to light to allow for this effect.
Shock resistant
  • A so called shock resistant construction protects the watch against shocks and vibrations.
A secondary time zone can be set. Ideal if you often speak with people abroad.

Radio signal receiver
  • Whether you are in Europe, North America, Central America, China or Japan, the watch can receive the appropriate radio signal and your watch will always show the correct time wherever you are. In most countries, the watch will also automatically switch between summer and winter time.
Solar Energy
  • A solar cell works as an energy source for the clock.
Stopwatch function - 1/1000 sec. - 100 hours.
  • Intermediate and final time are measured down to 1/1000 of a second accuracy! A signal indicates when the function is started/stopped. The watch's measuring capacity is up to 100 hours.
Smart Access Krone
  • New revolutionary technology that gives the crown electronic control mechanisms which allow greater control over clock functionalities.
Safety mechanism
  • This watch has an extra safety mechanism, which prevents the lock from opening by accident.
Auto adjustment of the hands
  • The watch checks misalignment of the hands every hour, and corrects any misalignments caused by, for example, bumps or strong magnetic disturbances.
Auto calendar
  • Corrects automatically for months with different lengths, and of course by leap year.
12/24-hour timing
  • The time can be specified either in a 12 hour (with AM and PM) or in the traditional 24 hour format.
Crown button lock
  • Ensures that the crowns functions are not changed by accident.
Stainless steel bracelet
  • Tough, durable and elegant. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, which gives it a classic quality look.
Sapphire glass
  • Sapphire is up to 7 times harder than steel, and surpassed only by diamonds on the Mohs scale. This makes sapphire glass the ultimate protection for your watch.
Quartz Watch
  • A battery-powered quartz watch is controlled by fluctuations in a crystal of the mineral quartz. These oscillations change very little over time, which is why quartz is often used because it retains it's accuracy.
Waterproof 200 meters (20 bar)
  • Rated to handle 20 bar or 200 meters, and therefore is perfect for swimming and diving (snorkel depths, not depths of scuba diving). The number of meters (200) is not equal to the allowed diving depth. The value refers to the air pressure used in the test for water resistance (ISO 2281), and refers to the pressure equivalent to 200 meters. Because the activity in water increases the pressure, the allowed diving depth is lower than 200 meter.
Condensation - important!
  • Rapid temperature fluctuations prevent a negative pressure in the watch, which can cause condensation. You will see drops below the glass if this happens. Go immediately to the watchmaker to open the box and wipe the clock. The moisture will not disappear even if the dew disappears. If this is not done, moisture will remain in the clockwork, and this can cause severe damage. Watches are not condensation proof although they are waterproof. Condensation may occur if you go from extreme cold to extreme heat, for example from winter cold to high indoor temperature or sauna. That condensation occurs is not necessarily a manufacturing defect and hence cannot be a warranty issue.

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