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Part Number: OA6001339

Eylure Petite Volume 107 Ladies Adhesive Reusable Easy Apply False Eyelashers

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A favourite, angled lash perfect for a smooth, vintage style finish. Eylure strip lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Suitable for all eye shapes.
Note: Have a look at our application advice applying lashes.

Please note that this item is classified as a Hygiene Sensitive item which will not be refundable or exchanged within the 30 days of purchased if used.
We urge you to please do all the necessary research on the item prior to purchasing as to ensure that it is indeed going to serve its purpose.



How to apply?

1) Lift the lashes from the tray with tweezers, applicator or yourfingers(if they are glued across the lash, then ease them away from thehalf-moonusing your thumbs in a downward motion, please do not pick off from theends.
2) Measure against your eye and if they are too long then, using sharpnailscissors, snip off a small section at a time until they are perfect.
3) Apply a thin line of the Eylure Lashfix glue to the lash band. Waitabout20-30 seconds until it becomes tacky before applying (this is wheremostapplications can go awry).
4) Apply with tweezers, applicator or your fingers (whichever feelsnatural toyou). We believe a tweezers/applicator will give you a more preciseplacement.Place from the middle of the eye first then adjust the edges so theyfollowyour natural lash line. Press and hold for a few seconds. If you make amistake, simply remove from the eye, take off the dried glue, reapplyand goagain.

TO REUSE: Remove used glue with fingers or tweezers from the lashband andthen store back on tray.

How to remove?

Hold lash at outside edge and gently peel off ? it won?t hurt.Always removethem before you go to sleep.



- Rubber Latex- Aqua (Water, Eau)- Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose- Ethylhexylglycerin- Sodium Salicylate- Phenoxyethanol- Disodium EDTA- Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurat


Whats in the Package?

Eylure Petite Volume 107 Ladies Adhesive Reusable Easy Apply False Eyelashers

One pair of false eyelashes along with adhesive

Buy with Confidence from a EYLURE Authorised Dealer and All Purchases come with a VAT Receipt.