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Omron GT510 Compact Gentle Temp Infrared Baby Ear Thermometer With Beeper - NEW

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Omron Compact Gentle Infra Ear Thermometer with Beeper- GT510


This thermometer represents proven accuracy for in-ear temperature measurement. Fever is one of the most important vital body signs. Monitoring fever in an early stage will allow for a quick and active response. Omron pays the highest attention to the development of functional and accurate fever monitoring tools.

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Body Temperature

We tend to think of normal body temperature as being around 37 degrees and, while this can vary slightly, itís fairly accurate in most cases. Maintaining this temperature at a constant level is important to ensure effective operation of the brain, vital organs and main arteries. Any significant rise in temperature usually indicates that the bodyís immune system is defending itself against intruders, such as aggressive bacteria or viruses. Once the presence of a fever has been established, appropriate steps can quickly be taken to identify and eliminate the cause of the problem.

For the Whole Family

Suitable to use for whole family, the Gentle Temp is compact and versatile and gives a 1 second measurement time. The positioning sensor ensures that readings can only be taken when placed correctly meaning it will only give you accurate results.

Offering comfortable, quick measurement, the Gentle Temp is ideal for use when monitoring babies and young children. It comes complete with a handy storage case and one set of probe covers. Note: For hygienic and accuracy reasons it is strongly recommended not to use probe covers more than one time.


OMRON has been one of the leading companies for healthcare products since the company was started in 1933. Since then, OMRON has been involved in health product developments, launching our first blood pressure monitor for home use in the 1970s and launching the first digital thermometer introduced in 1983.

  • Instant, one second reading (Fast Mode)
  • Directional Mode (10 seconds) to ensure highest accuracy in avoiding improper positioning in the ear-canal
  • Proven accuracy (EN12470, part 5)
  • Simple one touch- one button operation
  • Last reading recall memory
  • Beeper guided operation
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit switching
  • Automatic power-off



  • Provenaccuracy through laboratory testing
  • One secondmeasurement time
  • Infrared earthermometer
  • With beeper
  • Ergonomicdesign
  • Probe coverplacement check
  • Laboratorytest confirmed accuracy
  • Readingdisplay in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Uniqueprize-awarded design

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