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Part Number: SPINNERBK

Handheld Toy Mini Finger Fidget spinner For Fidgety hand, ADHDSufferer | SPINNERBK

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Handheld Fidget spinner


  • Are you restless, become agitated easily, and have trouble concentrating?
  • This is the Ideal handy little toy that can help calm your nerves, improve focus, and help you kill time when you are bored fidgeting with things such as fingers, hair, or items of clothing.
  • CONQUER ANXIETY - Never let anxiety or distressing thoughts or moments run you down. Take delight in a much easier time when waiting in line to see a doctor, for an interview, or when waiting out in any location. This is a great anxiety fighting accessory for you. Keeps you calm regardless of your circumstance or immediate environment.
  • BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU - brings out that creative genius lying deep within you by increasing your concentration any time on the go, whether you're at home, at school, or at the workplace. This Amazing Fidget Spinner helps you find new perspectives as you put your brain to use, whether studying, brainstorming, researching, etc.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE SPINNER- is injection moulded from ABS plastic. This result in a better finish, higher strength, and much higher shatter resistance when compared to more common 3D printed spinners. Guaranteed 1 minute + Spin.
  • YOUR POCKET BUDDY- Small in Size can easily fit in your pocket, or hand bag. Enjoy some fun play time by unleashing your helpful pocket buddy! Eliminate boredom and enjoy the occasional pass-time spin fun.
Colour -
  • Black




  • A goodchoice for killing time, helps relieve stress.
  • Great forfidgety hands, ADHD sufferers.
  • It's fun andinteresting, also effective for focus and deep thought.
  • Mini enoughto put in your pocket, have fun anytime.
  • Perfectsize, suitable for adults and kids over 16 years old.

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