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Part Number: TS W311D4

Pioneer TS-W311D4 30cm 2?/8? Enclosure-type Dual Voice Coil-Car Subwoofers 1400W

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TS-W series subwoofers combine a sound, excellent design and technology.

  • All subwoofers in this series are designed to produce a high quality audio.
  • They are also equipped with fully enclosed basket, which suppresses the repulsion efficiently, ensuring precise, clear and rhythmic bass.
  • subwoofer exhibits advanced technologies like IMPP composite Cone, patented by Pioneer and characterized by a rigid design modeled in 3D, as well as large double stacked magnets.
  • These standard models TS-W can be installed easily in many different cars.
  • This subwoofer delivers a great stability, thanks to dual voice coil from 4th, which lets you choose the setting to 2nd or 8th (provided that the power of your subwoofer matches the delamplificatore).
  • The TS-W311D4 gives you up to 1400 Wattsand you can use indoors.
BoxedSubwoofer Yes
Impedance 4?
Frequencyresponse 20- 125 Hz
Sensitivity 95dB
Lowestresonance frequency 43Hz
Maximumpower output 1400W
Nominaloutput power 400W
Woofermaterial IMPPComposite Cone
VoiceCoil type Copper,4-layer
Dual4? voice coils: 2 or 8? Yes
VoiceCoil bobbin type Aluminium
PoleYoke Type 2
Terminals Push-type
Dimensions 326,6x 168,5 mm
Magnets Ferrite(double)
Surround DualLayer, Fiber Reinforced Elastic Polymer Surround
ScrewTerminals 8
Weight 6.20kg kg
Cut-outHole 283mm
MountingDepth 151mm
Size 30cm
Nom.Dia.(In) 30
Qts 1.05
Qms 13.79
Qes 1.02
Fs[Hz] 43
Vas[l] 32.7
Vas[ft3] 1.15
Vd[l] 0.56
Vd[ft3] 0.0198
Sd[m2] 0.052
Sd[ft2] 0.56
Revc[O] dual2,9
Levc[mH] (2000Hz) 4,85(8 ?) / 1,23 (2 ?)
Xmax[mm] 10.8
Xmax[in] 0.4
Zmax[O] 74,19(8 ?) / 18,6 (2 ?)
BI[Tm] 16,2(8 ?) / 8,2 (2 ?)
Rms[Ns/m] 3.39
Mms[g] 166
Cms[m/N] 7,6x 10-5
Mg.Wt.[g] 2100
FluxDensity [Gauss] 7381
Hag[mm] 10
Hag[In] 0.39
Hvc[mm] 31.6
Hvc[In] 1.24
VC.Diameter[mm] 48
Eff[%] 0.23
S.P.L.[dB] 95
R.M.S.Power[W] 400
M.M.P.[W] 1400
Sp.Displacement [l] 1.67
Sp.Displacement [ft3] 0.059
Recom.Enclosure [l] 35.38
Recom.Enclosure [ft3] 1.25
F0 (inCabinet) 55.8
Q0 (inCabinet) 1.25


Whats in the Package?

Pioneer TS-W311D4 30cm 2?/8? Enclosure-type Dual Voice Coil-Car Subwoofers 1400W

Self-Tapping Screws

Adhesive Backed Foam Gasket


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