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Part Number: VICCH5000-DEM

Vicks CH5000 Demineralization Cartridge | For Ultrasonic Humidifier | Antibacterical

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Vicks Demineralization Cartridge


This is an optional cartridge to be used with the Vicks Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier model number VH5000E1 (or E1-P). There is another optional cartridge called the Antibacterical Cartridge - only one of these cartridges can be used in the humidifier at a time.Main benefit of the Vicks VH5000E1 Demineralization Cartridge: This cartridge avoids “white dust” on carpets and floors. The “white dust” is the residues of mineralized water after vaporization action , this falls on the floor and can dirty carpets and furniture. In high hardwater areas, there might be an output of minerals, noticeable as “white dust”.How it works:

The cartridge is filled with Mixed-Bed De-ionizing Beads. Half of the beads have a positive electrical charge while half of the beads have a negative electrical charge. Minerals with a positive charge will attached themselves to the negative beads while minerals with a negative charge will attach themselves to the positive beads. In this way, minerals are removed from the water as it passes through the cartridge prior to entering the humidifier or the room being humidified.Points to note:The durability and performance of this cartridge depends on the mineral content of the water.Should be replaced every 30 – 60 days when using the humidifier under normal conditions.The humidifier can operate without the antibacterial cartridge, so this cartridge is optional and is not included in the humidifier pack.



  • Soften water in areas where the water is very hard
  • Reduces the residues of mineralised water on carpet andfloors after vaporisation "white dust" on carpets and floor
  • Approximate duration of action: 30-60 days
  • For use with VH5000 series of humidifiers under the VicksKaz branding

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